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Dental Cleanings and Periodontal Health

clock_dental.jpgAre you getting the cleaning that you deserve? A thorough adult cleaning appointment should take about one full hour. It should include an oral cancer screening and an oral exam performed by the doctor. 

At AGN Dental, the dentist will give you a full oral examination at every cleaning visit  to ensure that you receive the highest level of service and care. Great oral health is the key factor in keeping your teeth for a lifetime. We can help you establish a dental hygiene routine that will keep your teeth healthy and white.

Hygine.jpgYour  teeth are not the only important part of your mouth. Your gums are essential to your oral health and overall health. Do your gums bleed or hurt when you brush or floss? if so, keep reading....

Periodontal disease has consequences that reach beyond bleeding gums, tooth loss and bad breath. Periodontal disease has a direct impact on inflammation in your body, which is directly related to heart disease, strokes, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. There is also a direct link from gum disease to premature babies and low baby birth weight.  

We provide dental cleanings and examinations that ensure periodontal well being. Sometimes, gum treatment is needed beyond a normal cleaning to restore your gums to health and prevent bleeding gums. These procedures may include deep scaling (a more thorough dental cleaning designed to remove debris below the gum tissue) or more frequent hygiene appointments. Sometimes  antibiotics  are syringed between the tooth and gum in the infected area to treat infection. Painless laser therapy is sometimes used to treat and eliminate recurrent or severe periodontal disease. Specific protocols are created for a patients specific needs. At times, we may refer you to a specialist for more specialized surgical procedures, if deemed necessary, for your periodontal health.

Please let us know if you have any questions by giving us a call at (860) 668-7303.

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It may be unpleasant to hear, but our mouths are filled with germs and bacteria. If you’re looking for a dentist in the Enfield CT area, AGN Dental Associates can help keep you healthy by improving your dental hygiene.

Suffield Dentist | Dental Cleanings and Periodontal Health. Stacey Nath-Vinick is a Suffield Dentist.